We are a Latino-and-woman owned-creative-company-

Our name is a vision we live by. With meaningful principles at our core, we are  100% independent.

Working directly with founders, turning their new companies into meaningful brands. And partnering with existing brands to create new narratives in the world. We are proud of the range of brands we are partnering with across sports, entertainment, lifestyle, next-gen CPG, and clean tech.


From an urban scrawl in East LA to the highest levels of the advertising industry. I have worked at renowned agencies, from Chiat LA to W+K, The Martin Agency to R/GA, with a singular focus on delivering original ideas for brave clients.

Recently, I was the SVP ECD of the West Coast for R/GA where I spent 6 years, developing the story practice while leading Beats by Dre into a $3 billion acquisition which generated a passion for start-ups.

I have been named one of The 30 Most Creative People in Advertising by Business Insider. I have built relationships, earned every recognition and delivered results. Yet it was rinse, repeat repent. Ultimately leaving it all behind to build a better future for our industry. No regrets.


I declared I was to be an account planner in advertising my sophomore year in college. 1 week after graduation I had a 401K plan and an Assistant Account Planner job.

​I trudged soybean fields, driven race cars, conducted inundation studies and was hauled out of a tradeshow by security in the quest for an insight.

​I assembled 2 of the best strategy teams in the business. At AKQA, I lead a team to help clients engage with new tools like Facebook, Twitter and mobile video. At R/GA, I built a  powerful team that set the standard across the network.

Today, I am focused on empowering underrepresented voices to lead brands and change the industry with their creativity.

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