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ceo, cco-

From an urban scrawl in East LA to the highest levels of the advertising industry.


I have worked at renowned agencies, from Chiat LA to W+K, The Martin Agency to R/GA, with a singular focus on delivering original ideas for brave clients. 

Recently, I was the SVP ECD of the West Coast for R/GA where I spent 6 years, developing the story practice while leading Beats by Dre into a $3 billion acquisition which generated a passion for start-ups.

I have been named one of The 30 Most Creative People in Advertising by Business Insider. I have built relationships, earned every recognition and delivered results. Yet it was rinse, repeat repent. Ultimately leaving it all behind to build a better future for our industry. No regrets.

head of connections-

Like most strategists, I accidentally fell into strategy after college. I naively wound up interning at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and roamed the halls for the next 4 years, building the brand strategy foundation I needed to take on new roles and new clients.

My next move took me to R/GA LA where I worked on everything from Nike to Converse to Beats by Dre to Angel City FC. It was at this time I realized it didn’t matter how cool the brand was if they didn’t understand the people they were trying to connect with.

Today, I am tired of “culture” meaning “go viral”, “audience” meaning “consumers” and selling to people instead of serving them. I’m at hyphenated- to surface truths about real people, to  bring humanity back to how brands see people, and to expose the influence people can and should have on brands.


I declared I wanted to be an account planner in advertising my sophomore year in college, and structured an independent study to get me there. 1 week after graduation I had a 401K plan and an Assistant Account Planner job. 

I’ve trudged soybean fields, driven race cars, conducted inundation studies and was hauled out of a tradeshow by security in the quest for an insight.

I’ve assembled 2 of the best strategy teams in the business. At AKQA, I established a team to help clients engage with new tools like Facebook, Twitter and mobile video. At R/GA San Francisco, I created a diverse powerhouse of a team that set the standard across the network.

After time spent at Carmichael Lynch, Fallon, Mullen, AKQA, Goodby and R/GA, it’s time to refocus on creativity and empower underrepresented voices to lead brands and change the industry.

Founded in L.A. Creatively-led, science-based, culture-driven.

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